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Welcome to the WhyNeko Booru Wiki!

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About the Wiki
Currently, all tag-wiki-links are connected to danbooru to allow the collective consciousness to maintain them.

Each post on WhyNeko Booru contains tags, and each tag has an associated tag-wiki-link.
  • tag-wiki-links allow us to provide descriptions of tags, as each link points to it's own topic page.
  • tag-wiki-links are the '?' in front of each tag on a WhyNeko post page. (Remember, these currently link to danbooru!)

    However, sometimes there is a need for information internal to the WhyNeko Booru.
    Below you will find links to such pages, and how to create them.

    Creating wiki pages
    A new topic page may be created in one of two ways:
  • Navigating to https://whyneko.com/booru/wiki/your_page.
  • Editing the content of a page to include a link to another page, then following it.

    Comment and Wiki Markup
    The markup language is a mixture of mostly bbcode.
  • Visit the Shimmie Markup Examples page if you would like examples of what we have discovered to be possible.

    Guidelines for the Published Pages index
    This is a collaborative list of wiki pages known to exist on WhyNeko Booru.
  • Update this with direct links to topic pages, or sub-index pages to other topics, such as tag_groups.
  • Please keep them orderly. However, it is always better to log pages.
  • If you are adding many pages, and the list is rather long please consider re-organizing the wiki by creating sub-index pages.